Few Easy Steps to extend scarves for toddlers’ lifespan

Few Easy Steps to extend scarves for toddlers’ lifespan

Buying scarves for toddlers is one thing but keeping it for long is another thing. However, when it comes to scarves, it is important to ensure that you are getting value for money. One way to ensure that you have gotten value for money is by buying something that will last for long. However, the lifespan of the machine depends on how it is being used.

There are various things that you can do to enhance the lifespan of your child’s scarf. Well, they are nothing out of the ordinary. They are just steps that can help you get the most out of the kid’s scarves. Check out the following tips:

Don’t Wash after One Wear

If your kid wears the scarf once, that does not mean it must be washed. Though cleanliness is highly emphasized when it comes to toddlers, it does not take that after one. What is important to note is that the more you wash the scarf, the more wear and tear on it. Therefore, it is not wise to have the scarf washed after it has been worn. Make sure the extent of stains or dirt before you can decide to wash or not.

Wash/dry Clean as Directed

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not following the tips for washing or dry cleaning as provided for by the manufacturer. To most, they just do what they the best. Dip the scarves for toddlers together with clothes. That should not be the cases. If you want your child to enjoy the scarf for long, then follow the provided direction while cleaning kid’s scarf. That way, you are guaranteed to enjoy the scarf for long.

Skip the Dryer

Taking your scarves for toddlers through the dryer is very convenient, especially in the cold season. But it is not the best thing for the scarf no matter the fabric it is made from. Such high heat causes the fabric to deteriorate in quality. In most, dryers cause the most fabrics to shrink. Therefore, make sure that you have sun-dried the scarves.

Avoid Too Much Perfume

Too much perfume is not good for clothes, and that includes scarves for toddlers. What some people don’t know is that too much perfume damages the fabric. It is not healthy to expose the kid to too much perfume. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the scarf for a longer period, please avoid

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